It’s one thing to know people in the industry, and it’s quite another to know the industry. We have a loyal clientele owing mainly to the latter quality.

Apart from experience in relevant sectors, our team of consultants excel in domain knowledge, to the extent that we often have our clients calling up for market information and trends. The objective of our search is clear – contributing to positive growth in the client’s business. ‘Accountability’ is what finally makes our task measurable and the relationship special.


We help define the true needs of your organization and the kind of executive most likely to fulfill them.
A realistic appraisal of the difficulty in finding the right person and what it will cost to attract them.
We have the ability to thoroughly search out the very best candidates regardless of where they may be or how invisible they are.
We have the infrastructure (5 offices) and experience required to evaluate more than a hundred prospective candidates and select the two or three who would be the best performers.
We carry out the extremely critical role of a professional third party in negotiations between organization and candidate that is often difficult and complex.
We take pride in our special abilities needed to conduct confidential and delicate inquiries into the candidate’s record qualifications, and reputation in a way that will not create embarrassment for anyone, yet leave no stone unturned.
We counsel you on handling candidates from the first telephone contact to the interviews and all of the other steps until the executive is in place.
Not only, do we counsel you, but also, counsel the selected candidate in extricating himself smoothly from his present organization and community and in establishing himself in his new position.
And last, but certainly not the least, the ability to smoothen out any problems for either the organization or the new executive during the beginning phase of their new relationship.