Under this offering EARGTM  creates customized products providing clients with real time information and insights needed to take key decisions across a range of functions such as Hiring, Budgeting, Business Planning, Remuneration and General Strategy. For these products we utilize our experience in the industry, extensive database and industry networks. 

Industry benchmarking

What worked yesterday may not work today. A corporate today has to identify newer ways to compete. It needs to benchmark itself against the best industry practices available in talent acquisition and management space. We can help a client with solutions like talent and competence mapping, culture study and gender diversity studies to help them understand their leaders better. 

Compensation Analysis

We help corporates understand the right kind of compensation they need to pay to their senior management. Compensation needs to be monitored regularly as it should be kept in line with the industry to manage costs and also keep the attrition rate in check. 

Reputational Surveys

Is your organization the best place to work? How does the senior employee market rate you as a platform? Perception is reality; reputational surveys help employers understand how the professionals in the market perceive them and their business.

Headcount Report

How many employees does a firm employ compared to its competition for a similar business line? Headcount report helps a company understand whether it’s over or understaffed versus its competition.

Case Studies