Your people success is your business success. Talent is one of the single most key factors to ensure you run your enterprise well and meet your business goals in today’s environment. At Executive Access we critically evaluate your Human resources function and facilitate a strategic and business level insight and intervention to make sure there is adequate alignment between the two. Designing effective HR processes to ensure overall organization development is the key endeavor in our approach. We specially partner with startups, PE funded portfolio companies and growing organizations that need special coaching on the talent aspect with changing expectations and a dynamic external business environment.

Some of the key areas we add value to include:

1. Business and the HR alignment.
2. Performance Management process.
3. Succession planning and mentoring.
4. Competency Mapping.
5. Talent engagement, development and productivity.
6. Hiring, Onboarding and induction process and philosophy.
7. Compensation strategy.
8. Employee life cycle.
9. Talent Review report