As a firm we believe in taking accountability for our work. To ensure that this is not just word play, Accountability MeasureTM is also reflected in our terms of engagement. 

A significant part of our search fee is at stake till six months after the candidate has been placed: we are entitled to this amount only if the client is satisfied with the candidate’s performance. Our terms also ensure ‘Post Closure engagement and Risk Sharing’ for a period of 3 years from the date of candidate joining. 

The Accountability MeasureTM is a reflection of how we put our skin in the game. It is one of the many practices we undertake to assure our clients the peace of mind they deserve once they have vested in us the responsibility to hire their leadership. What’s in it for us? We win only when the client wins. 

Statistically we have collected our ‘Performance Retainer’ in more than 90 percent cases.

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