We believe in the alliance of people empowered with research & information and its riveting influence on the new economy and social climate all businesses face today.

Executive Access has always taken pride in being a knowledge driven search firm. Our superior search capability is an outcome of comprehensive research. EARGTM – a dedicated team of more than 25 researchers drives all research and research based products at Executive Access.

EARGTM is a diverse group of associates handpicked from the best institutes and with deep expertise in their respective sectors. They are divided into sub-groups, each of which is actively involved in tracking industries, the major players, key people and future trends.

Further, to aid the research methodology, Executive Access has empowered its people with state-of-the-art technology and access to advanced knowledge databases and platforms.

The information produced is shared and presented in various forms such as white papers, interviews, articles and sector reports among others. EARGTM constantly strives to create value add products for our clients.

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