We don’t search and forget. We believe repeat business to be the most encouraging form of reward. It is to assure fulfillment of this yearning that we are constantly trying to add value to our clients. Our ‘Post Closure Engagement’ model ensures that we are actively involved with the client and the candidate for a period of 3 years post closure. 

In this endeavor, we win an edge over some of the other firms who may be able to find a reasonable match for the position in the timelines defined, but rarely offer partnering, knowledge sharing, problem solving or accountability on the part of the search firm. 

Almost 25 percent of our clients have been working with us for more than 5-6 years now where we have helped them put together leadership teams in multiple business lines. 

We are not transactional and we understand no business is.

Long term relationship
Accountability measure
Customized focus
We indentify winners