Executive Access is a leading global search firm.

We have created a unique position with a strong bias for performance and impact. In our rich history of 25 years, we have kept the two most important constituents at the centre of everything we do – our clients and candidates.

We thrive on change and innovation. Through our Accountability Measure™we have taken our client relationship and partnership to the next level – we have changed the game.

Our search & advisory solutions are powered by our proprietary and world class research. Our Executive Intelligence proliferates on our state of the art technology platform and is engineered by our research team (EARGTM). Our search process is rigorous and is delivered with speed and precision. This process is managed by our Consulting team which has decades of Executive Search and advisory experience.

We believe our work has a tremendous and direct impact on our clients business and the people we place and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Core values